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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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we wait for the obamas to greet the trumps. the president and the president elect will meet after years of being bitter political rivals, beginning with trump essentially being the birther in chief. the person behind the movement, delegitimizing or attempting to, president obama's birthplace and his place in history. first lady michelle obama will give the next first lady, the tour of the private living quarters. let's get to senior white house correspondent chris jansing and the relationship or lack thereof between these two men but let's talk about what will play out. what has played out many times in the nation's history including with president obama and george bush who had their differences as well. >> reporter: we heard the president say yesterday that he remembers that transition and how cooperative that president and his team were, how they made it possible for him to hit the ground running. that is the bare minimum
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standard this president set for himself, set for his aides and his entire team not just within the white house but within every single agency where there's groups of people who since the beginning of the year have been preparing for this transition. now they're not transitioning to the person they thought they would and not transitioning to the person they hoped they would. we've had the last three two term presidents, they have handed off to someone from the other party. having said that, you could also easily make the argument you have not had the president elect who has questioned the legitimacy of the man who sits in the office. you have not had the man who sits in the office making ten campaign appearances in the final weeks of the campaign and really going after the core of who the president elect is but today, all of that has to change. the president said yesterday, it has to change. he called individuals, small groups of staffers into the office to say he understands how much they're hurting but so it
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has to change. and this is going to be the first face to face meeting these two men ever had and have it in one of the most historic rooms in the country. the oval office. that very fact changes things. you're looking at another human being, president obama understands the weight of what is about to be transferred to donald trump and presumably donald trump will have a deeper understanding standing in that historic place with this historic president about what that means, tamron. >> we see the marines there who will greet the trumps. chris, do we know if donald trump has ever visited the white house? we know he's been a political donor for many years and the now legendary friendship between the clintons at his wedding. do we know if he's ever been to the white house? >> i asked a number of times, there is no indication he's ever been here before. in fact, the only time that he was ever even in the same room as president obama as far as the
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white house staff could tell me was that the white house correspondent's dinner when president obama poked some fun at donald trump for all the money he has given to campaigns, he is not someone who has run in the presidential circles and i frankly was surprised when they told me the two men never met, tamron. >> it will be interesting with the staff there. i talked to sources at the white house who say the first lady and president were incredibly not only gracious publicly about their role in greeting the trumps but explaining to their staffers on what that means for them as well as this new family who has a young child, a 10-year-old child who will reside there as well. >> reporter: of the many conversations over the years and i've spent three full years and more than that on the campaign trail, 2000, 2004 and this year, one conversation that sticks out for me, tamron, was the conversation i had with laura bush and she talks about the meeting that she had with hillary clinton.
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she said, the number one concern i had going into the white house with two daughters was, how was i going to manage this? it's not that they had not ever been in the public eye, of course, george w. bush was governor. their grandfather was president of the united states. but it's a different thing to go in as a young person having secret service, having the eyes of the world on you, and she said that hillary clinton and she forged a bond on that day in that meeting because no one else could understand her concerns as a mother more than hillary clinton could at that time and i think here even when we had a first lady who has made incredibly powerful speeches against donald trump on the campaign trail, there will be no holding back. she was, when she came into the white house, i think melania, i'm sorry, i think malia was 11
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years old when she was the age of barron and just the logistics of moving into this historic home. >> katy tur has been following the trump campaign from the beginning and joining me live here in the studio. we keep talking about the tour of the private residence and sbr interactions but often fly back to new york not wanting to stay overnight. will they live in the white house? i know this is a strange question but such a different kind of candidate. >> it's not that strange a question. i was speaking with one of his top aides a couple of days ago and before he won, they were saying one of the biggest challenges they'll have is getting him not to go back to new york every day. and they said, in sort of a jest but does indicate that donald trump is attached to his residence in trump tower. the number of nights out of his home and if he did, oftentimes at his properties in florida,
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vegas, or los angeles. he only spent a few nights in a hotel room and comfortable in his own residence and we know that mar-a-lago was nicknamed and intended to be white house south. trump tower could be white house north and the city is taking precautions for the first since i guess the '40s and set a barricade and the garbage, sorry not, cans, but trucks around it. barricaded it. and a restricted fly zone over manhattan and queens since he is the president elect. so it's not an unusual question. i mean, it is an unusual question but not in this scenario. donald trump is an unusual candidate. i do think we can say that he's probably going to live in the white house. but the man is very attached to his own places. >> let's talk about the
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conversation that will take place. i think about when donald trump went to mexico to talk with the president ofexico and how he was one person in the company of this leader he criticized heavily calling the people there we know now the day he announced sending their rapists. he was one guy there and came back to that rally, the same day in arizona and fed the red meat. today, he will be face to face with president obama. he considers himself a negotiator, a dealer, all is fair in love and war. he says awful things and let's forget it once it's done. is he going to try that approach? is there going to be an apology? annage kno agcknowledgment? >> donald trump hasn't apolog e apologiz apologized. i think once, and that was for the lewd thing he said on that 2005 audio tape and he was facing quite a lot of criticism and really pressured by his campaign and the republican
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party. i don't think he's going to walk into the oval office and apologize to president obama. remember, he basically tried to delegitimize him for years and then tried to wipe it all away by saying, the president was born in the u.s. it's enough. it's done. as if we were the ones that have been talking about it and dwelling on it when he himself had been doing that for five years consistently. >> we forget he brought the president's half brother as well. >> he brought the president's half brother to one of the debates. >> critical of the president as a guest to the debates. this is a very open wound. and it's unclear what these two men will do in private but they do both have a real obligation at this point to bridghe gap in this country because right now, this country is extraordinarily divided. hillary clinton won the popular vote, basically, won urban america. donald trump won rural america and you see protests on the streets in major cities in order for this country to move
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forward. an example of the two men moving forward and it's unclear. >> but that, well, it's unclear and that could mean a dissociation with some of the key members from donald trump's team. steve bannon is in the now famous picture of the celebration with kellyann conway in the back behind donald trump and the man people say is responsible for this alt right movement that's happened and fueled trump's rise to ultimately being president elect here. steve bannon, you have rudy giuliani, always very controversial with some of the things said during this campaign. these are his allies. how does he transition from some of those people if he's going to deal with this divide? >> we'll find out how he does that. and i would be stretching to say that if i knew, i don't know. steve bannon said publicly he'll go back to breitbart.
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does it mean he will have a conversation in the future? breitbart did a lot to help push donald trump's candidacy. they want to expand internationally. there's to reason to believe it won't do a lot to push donald trump's presidency. rudy giuliani is on a list for attorney general. he has said, he's been coy about it saying he's not really interested in returning back to government but this morning on fox news, rudy giuliani was talking about hillary clinton and saying that the president shouldn't pardon her as if the president had a reason to ar pan her. >> for example, steve bannon will remain an ally to donald trump that requires, it seems, this conversation of mass deportation and kellyann conway with the hot rhetoric is what seems to be the glue between donald trump, steve bannon and those followers. >> hold on, hold on. >> the followers, yes, maybe. and everything that i've heard about steve bannon and every conversation i've had with
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people who know him well say the number one thing steve bannon wants is winning. he's not ideological. but not stopping the rhetoric and not ideological but whatever gets him to win and that's what they did. i wouldn't say he believes firmly in these ideas of immigration but he's provided a platform, absolutely, and certainly, donald trump supporters have very much rallied around these ideas. the one thing i will say is that when donald trump has gone wishy washy on some of the core issues, immigration, the wall, even the muslim ban, his supporters haven't left. so as much as they like these ideas, they like chanting build a wall, they very much rally around him as a candidate more than they rally around his ideals. >> and hathat's a great point. the language about the muslim ban is no longer on his wbeb site. as far as kellyann conway and even reince priebus softening
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the mass deportation conversation. realistically, are all of these things going to come up with this meeting today with these two men? we don't know but kelly o'donnell is staing by where donald trump will have the next stop after meeting with president obama. if the obama meeting is awkward, then the meeting with paul ryan may also be prickly. >> reporter: i actually think it will not be that prickly and i think the difference is what's happening at the white house has a whole different level of emotional content because of the history of those two men but here, you're talking about a new partnership where everyone is on board coming off a victory. paul ryan is happy that his house majority is strengthened, the senate majority is holding. something that was not widely expected before the election and it is true, tamron, that they had a difficult relationship, somewhat strained distant relationship during the campaign phase but i spent time with paul ryan since the election talking with him about this.
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he has turned the page. he says that it is important to validate the extraordinary accomplishment of winning the election for donald trump. that has to be recognized and so now it's about where can they work together and how can they come together? that's part of what will play out here and this is a property that's adjacent to capitol hill and houses the republican national committee and the political activity is done for members of the house. now, because he is president elect, it's no longer campaign mode. so in a couple of hours, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will receive the president elect and vice president elect inside the u.s. capitol in his official office for the meeting. much the same, how to move forward and what to do. he said he has a lot of policy prescriptions ready to go. they want to find out some early priorities because for any new administration, the first 100 days, the first six months can be critical. and the senate majority, the margin is so, so narrow, even
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though they have control in the republican side, they have to find ways to work together. while they will control all of the branches from the white house to the house to the senate, it's still not easy to get everything through but no longer have the obvious threat of veto. that's not to say donald trump will always agree with what's happening in congress but clearly in the obama years, there was obvious ideological differences. but when it comes to the conversation -- go ahead. >> i was asking, going back to the paul ryan relationship, i know because they are the same party, it's easy to assume that it would not be as prickly with president obama, but kelly, you have donald trump in the final hour saying, i'm doing this alone. one of his allies, ama rosa said he kept names essentially and that those, i believe the language was those who didn't bow down to him would eventually. he said while not trying to
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delegitimize paul ryan's birth but the leader of the party but does not want to see entitlement reform but some of the hardcore conservative ideas as far as budget are not in line with paul ryan. >> reporter: all i can do is tell you what the speaker has told me. he had multiple phone calls with the president elect and says that they are on good terms. you're right, it was a rankerous campaign but they believe there's an opening to try to accomplish something. they'll all be held accountable by the voters who just went to the polls if they don't accomplish anything. one huge message out of this election has been gridlock is not something that the public wants. so of all the policy prescriptions that exist, what can they find that they can agree on? that's part of what this will be going forward. i think that i spent a lot of
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time around politicians and political professionals. there is an amazing capacity after an e lection to turn to te next urgent business. we've seen that where former rivals work together. donald trump doesn't -- >> i was going to say, there's never been a donald trump. >> reporter: they can help to set the tone. donald trump will be judged by how he conducts himself as president elect but the people who are on capitol hill waiting to receive him are ready to have turned the page. and let's remember, these are republican leaders who did not want to see hillary clinton win the election. so for them, they're beginning ahead of where they thought they would be because it was widely known that many -- >> let me interrupt you for a second. we're just getting information, katy tur is with me and got red hot in her hands. peter alexander confirming the meeting is under way between donald trump and president obama. the president, president elect met. they've been meeting now since
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1: 11:00 a.m. and the the visual of them walking through the door did not take place but it is confirmed, peter alexander, the meeting is under way. let me go to kristen welker. let me start with you. peter is saying now this meeting started about 17 minutes ago. >> reporter: that's right. i've been talking to my sources here at the white house who say that despite the very thorny relationship between these two men, the tone that president obama wants to set is that he is going to be helpful and to help bring about a smooth transition. he is there to answer questions and he also might talk a little bit about the challenges of going from being someone on the campaign trail to someone actually in the role of governing. he's not going to lecture. he's not goeing to bring up pas grievances. one of the challenges though, tamron, is that i am told the mood here at the white house is frankly bleak.
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that yesterday, president obama had a number of meetings with his staffers, some of them openly crying during these meetings and he said, look, we have elections in this country. there is a winner and there is a loser and now it's time to really help bring about a smooth transition. he believes that this is a message and a tone that gets set at the top with him and so he has been very firm with his entire team that that is the posture that he would like them to take as this historic transition levels. >> and i would just add too, i think president elect trump. according to folks we've been talking to understands the magnitude of the moment. i'm told by folks close to him it is time to move past their past grievances. it's a time to show there can be a peaceful transfer of power. president elect trump will listen to what president obama has to say. just to give you a sense here, tamron, we're out on the north lawn of the white house. there is a lot of media that has arrived, as you might imagine for the huge day.
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a slew of cameras looking at the west wirng door ang door. and not the arrival shot you might normally see or think you might see. we expect to hear from them in a couple of minutes making brief remarks and then also the first lady and the future first lady who will be spending time together today to take the tour of the east wing. >> we moe it wknow it was reporr the debacle in a statement released from the trump campaign at the time that she was an admirer of michelle obama. as pointed out, they have a 10-year-old son, malia was 11. so their kinship or their ability to have this civilized rhetoric, i think, would be normal. katy is here. >> i'm talking to another source within the campaign a couple of days ago as well talking about the transition and what that would mean for the family and i am told that melania has already started looking at schools in
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washington to figure out where barron would go. i remember melania has been extraordinarily protective of ba barron during this cycle and little of him and her. she's been attending to their son and trying to raise their son. barron wants to be normal. he doesn't want to go to school in a limo or treated differently. >> said he doesn't have nannies. >> yeah. so the transition for him is worrisome for her because she wants to find a way, i'm told, to make his life as normal as possible and out of the spotlight. that certainly would not happen in washington. so there's obviously no indication that they are not going to move there but maybe that is a conversation being had behind the scenes about whether to keep barron in his life here or to move him but even if he did, he'll now need secret service protection which changes your life, period. no matter what. >> a lot of things to talk about but we can confirm that the
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meeting between president elect trump and president obama is taking place right now. they started around 11:00 eastern time. katy, do we have a timeline for how long this is expected to last? i know he has other meetings today. >> gosh, i don't know. i'm not sure. >> we'll figure it out. we've got time. this morning, governor christie said president elect trump was adamant about not s s discussing the transition before he was elected and now reportedly had a tough time trying to fill national security jobs prior to his victory. the article states because hundreds had either sworn they'd never work in a trump administration or had directly turned down requests to join multiple current and former u.s. officials with direct knowledge of the transition efforts told the daily beast. with more on the exclusive, senior intelligence and national security kcorrespondent for the daily beast.
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that was then. this is now. the article largely written before he was the president elect. now he is the president elect. is that expected to change? >> i don't know how quickly it's going to change and we still hear from people who feel very adamant that absent any kind of real signs he's changed on some of the positions he took during the campaign, there's no reason why some of these people including ones who publicly signed up with the never-trump movement would sign on to work for him and many also don't expect they would be asked. they had publicly come out and put themselves against his candidacy and his nomination so there's no reason to think he'll come knocking on their door. there are a few prominent republicans. steve hadley who had been president george w. bush's national security advisor who never signed up with the never trump movement and some people think if he were brought in, it would give a cover or comfort to some people who had publicly expressed problems with trump when he was the nominee to bring
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them in but no doubt that the national security bleestablishm, the bench of people from the gop normally turned to in a moment like this long ago said they didn't want any part of his administration should that come to pass. >> is there still concern regarding what is still an open conversation about vladimir putin, ties between people in the trump campaign who did not finish the race with him, speaking specifically of paul manafort and others? is there a concern still in the intelligence community about what, as i said, is still an open question about his relationship? >> there is. i mean, it's deep concern. it was concern even before trump was elected this week about what are the nature of these ties? some of them are somewhat circumstantial, some vague. some firmer. the former ukrainian government but trump has given contradictory statements and at times saying he never met putin and saying he had no business in russia and other times, he did
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and demonstrably has. and there's been a lingering concern for a long time. most dramatically came to the fore a couple of days ago when michael hays, the former director of the cia had an extraordinary op-ed in the "washington post" in which he called trump and the old soviet model as the useful fool which is somebody unwittingly coopted by the government and used as a vehicle for their messaging and their propaganda. that's the former cia director expressing what i hear from a number of people privately in the intelligence community that they're just deeply suspicious both of his ties to russia and the fact that he has taken this hutch more op much more open embrace not only a u.s. adversary but u.s. intelligence officials believe was trying to interfere with the u.s. election and how to process that relationship and what that
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means as president trump starts to get high intelligence briefings. >> thank you so much for joining us. greatly appreciate it. we have kristen welker standing by, i think. chris jansing, standing by. we were talking earlier about whether or not donald trump has been to the white house before. there's a photo circulating of him being greeted by ronald reagan. if it's not a doctored photo at this point but the internet, but there is a photo that appears to have shown donald trump being greeted by ronald reagan at some point during his administration. >> yeah. so, you know, it was funny because we reached out to the campaign a couple of times and also reached out to the folks here at the white house. all they could tell us is he had never been here throughout the course of eight years of the obama presidency and that they had never met. so he has been here before. if we believe that photo, having said that, it's obviously a very different thing that he's coming here now as the president elect
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and as they're in the room, i can tell you, to answer your question from earlier, we get those of those who work at the white house on the press staff, a schedule every day. this was on the schedule for 11:00 and there is nothing else on the president's schedule until 2:20 when he greets the cleveland cavaliers. i'm not suggesting. >> a range a day. >> you know how much the president loves basketball. but staffers said he's there to answer whatever questions donald trump will have but not going to say there's a half hour for this and 45 minutes for this. he's going to give this the time, the attention that he knows and understands uniquely it deserves. the pool, those are the people who eventually take pictures inside and be able to show us the who men sitting there in the oval office. they gather at 11:30 and then
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brought around to the south entrance as anybody who has seen a television show, there is a back entrance to the oval office that comes out to the south side, outdoors of the white house. that's where those of us who have been in the pool stands and wait until we can come in and there's a brief opportunity to take pictures there, still photos and video. so they're going to gather at 11:30 but i can fetell you somee who has gathered in the past, sometimes that gather can last 35 minutes or 45 minutes. we don't know how long but he left a big chunk of his day open in the schedule because he wants donald trump to be able to ask any questions that he has and to be able to answer them fully, tamron. >> he's rooting for him and keeping an open mind. the the very same tone from hillary clinton yesterday. let me go back to kelly o'donnell with more on the meetings on capitol hill and kelly, i know that you know
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better than anyone else the pushback on the republicans has been, while you've had this democratic president, the republican party has chosen to be obstructionist whether it's the supreme court and many other issues but to your point, it seems like people want to erase the board and start the count again. >> reporter: honestly, tamron, i get that genuine impression from the leaders i've been talking to that this is really going to be a new day in washington. and it happens with every administration change, especially when there's a party swap involved and i'm told paul ryan will, what issues does he want to talk about or bring to the table? they're ready to talk about what should try to be liberdiscussed the lame duck session and members reelected or some
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defeated, what can be accomplished before a new congress begins which will be the 115th? sometimes, that is the case of trying to get rid of some of the things that must be done that you don't want to have as much attention around a new administration. sometimes, it's the urgencies of what can be done based on some of the personalities who will exist in this congress but not in the next. that's the kind of gritty detail of washington but very important to the planning of how capitol hill will function with this new president in waiting. so that's part of what we expect today. in talking about the white house and whether the trumps will reside there, so very important things to know. in recent years, the white house has been enhanced. some underground and enhancements part of a long-term project. it is the most secure place and while the president can be protected at any other location, the resources are all there at the white house. an overwhelming pressure to
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reside there and in addition, the senior staff, their offices are there and the situation room. can't underestimate that. that doesn't exist in trump tower and mar-a-lago and allow the president with more than one personal residence to choose one and fortify that location. they can visit the others but to be sort of, so for example, for george w. bush, it was his crawford ranch. for the elder bush, it was kenneth bunk port. they don't do that for every location. when mitt romney was running, he would have had to select one residence and same for john kerry. same for john mccain. so it is likely that the trumps would have to choose their kind of secondary permanent residence and then if they choose to visit others part of their family, it would be like the president going on a trip. but for the infrastructure
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that's required, the demands of the job, the resources that exist only in the white house and the old executive office building next door, the idea that president trump would not live in the white house to me seems completely off base. that does not mean melania could not choose to spend time and have barron schooled in new york. that's a separate issue. she is not an official officer but high valued protectee from now on. interesting conversations and typically some deference to the protectee and their wishes but not everything so he'll have to work with the security structure that exists and to give a nod to that. we already see donald trump being sort of grateful and to some degree, more talkative about his appreciation for the secret service. the idea he would buck their recommendation strikes me as
8:32 am
unlikely and that doesn't mean you never go home but your day-to-day, the working of a trump white house, it's hard to imagine that would not occur at 1600 pennsylvania and it's the one place you cannot buy as a real estate developer. you've got to get there the old fashioned way. tamron? >> real estate tips, thank you so much. let's go to chris jansing with more information on the meeting and what is happening. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi. they'll talk about just sort of the nuts and bolts of the transition. what do you look for in a cabinet? the pressure is on. there is a non-partisan group that is helping oversee this transition. they say by two weeks from today, thanksgiving, he should have an idea of who he wants his top 50 cabinet people to be as well as his chief of staff and we are just learning via hallie jackson from a couple of her sources that under consideration for homeland security secretary
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is congressman michael mccall. he's the chairman of the house homeland security committee so he's someone who obviously is very familiar with the issues that the president elect has talked about extensively on the campaign trail. in addition to that, he is somebody a supporter and someone to give some diversity, some geographic diversity to this staff. there's been a lot of concern and i think katy tur has talked about this that this would be a very new york centric group and so this would be someone as a congressman from texas who would bring it outside of that circle. interesting to note, he's also someone who's been a little bit concerned about vladimir putin and some of the comments obviously that have been criticized by republicans and democrats are the comments that the president elect made about vladimir putin. so that's something to watch very carefully. but we are starting to see intensively with the clock ticking some of the names coming out and apparently for homeland security, michael mccall is near the top of the list.
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>> chris, thank you. i have howard fineman with me. global editorial director. you heard the news reported by chris jansing. congressman michael mccall could be part of the homeland security but one of the people who had concerns about donald trump's embrace of vladimir putin and said it was something, you know, to be concerned about. >> well, i think it's a legitimate concern in the intelligence community. and justifiably so. but i think you have to step back a bit. try to figure out, who's making the early decisions here? my sources are telling me from inside trump world that, first of all, the campaign people are still very much involved here. the campaign is over. the people like kellyann, fitzpatrick who knows her way around washington have been there forever. steve bannon and jared kushner, the son-in-law, very much involved. on the political side, mike
8:35 am
pence is going to play a big role here because he was a member of congress, a governor. he knows the political world and making suggestions. jeff sessions. senator for alabama early on the trump campaign is also making suggestions. chris christie is in there but there's some political concern about him giving his thing in new jersey. i think there's a jockeying for power within trump world to decide who gets to make some of the calls and i think it's pence and sessions and the campaign people. paul manafort is out. he was banished from the campaign but don't forget that paul manafort was a protege of jim baker and the legendary character inside the foreign policy and defense establishment. jim baker is not in the ball game much anymore but kept his mouth shut during the campaign if you noticed and i wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of laying on of hands by old foreign policy people. once barack obama himself gets a
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fix on donald trump here and in other words, right now what we have in america are basically two countries on one continent. more like czechoslovakia than like america and i think all of the people left including the foreign policy and defense establishment have an interest in a unifying and secure united states. that's number one concern. and they're going to look for any ways and reasons to try to bring trump into the tribe, so to speak. they'll ignore some of what he said before and look with concern at the russia thing but not necessarily conclude that he's definitely in bed with vladimir putin and try to surround him with enough people to send a reassuring message to the global national security establishment. that's what's going on here on a macro level. >> that's essentially what the president was saying about rooting for him to succeed because this is about our country and no longer a singular
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focus on donald trump and things he's said in the past. >> tually, the president said a remarkable thing. after this incredibly di vvisiv election and african-americans, hispanics and gays, saying this is not my country, barack obama said yesterday that was an intermural scrimmage which is a pretty remarkable thing to have said and that's barack obama trying to carry out his role as a responsible national security leader. in other words, being commander in chief doesn't just mean deciding when to press the button on a drone but trying to keep political unity in america because if our political system doesn't function, that is a national security threat in and of itself and that's what putin was after. that's what putin was trying to do was trying to destroy the political credibility of the united states and barack obama was there to say, you don't destroy the political credibility of the united states. yes, we elected donald trump, butt out.
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>> but the political credibility of the country also has to do with congress and a lot of liberals on your side said republicans played the role of obstruction i.t.i obstructionist and now to believe from kelly o'donnell, she covers capitol hill, but start the slate anew. do you buy that? >> first of all, i've got to say, and with all due respect to donald trump and his folks, if they had lost this the other way, if they had won the popular vote and the electoral college, how many cooperative nice noises do you think you would have been hearing from that side? i hate to be cynical, but i really question that. and it's the democrats who believe in government. it's democrats who are more willing to say, let's get look and go along. that's the initial response but i think a lot of the response will also be that as expressed by michael moore who said, you
8:39 am
know, first of all, got to remake the democratic party, second, have to confront these people from the very beginning, and that's the tension that is going to be focused primarily on chuck schumer. interestingly, on chuck schumer. a new yorker who is the democratic leader in the senate, a tough guy from new york. knows trump very, very well. i think they'll try to get some business done but there's going to be tremendous pressure on chuck smochumer. the way he did 8 years ago. >> to the cabinet news reporting, the mixed messaging, but when you say a lot of the people from the trump campaign are those who are following him, at least right now. >> at least for now. >> it's been widely reported he reports loyalty and would make perfect sense. he doesn't have a lot of options as far as people who remain loyal until the end who did not know he was going to win. the people on capitol hill, paul
8:40 am
ryan, they abandoned him in many respects and say, hey, if it works out, let us know. >> donald trump will have to realize quickly that politics is not like business. in business, you pay somebody. they do what you tell them to do. or you sue them and donald trump did both. and sometimes, he didn't pay them and sued them. if you're president, you have to deal minute by minute with people who you don't like, who screwed you the last time, you have to come back to them and be thick skinned about it and deal with them again. the first test will be how well he deals with paul ryan. it's not how well he deals with chuck schumer but paul ryan and paul ryan reluck talectantly pun olive branch and that's going to be a crucial relationship. mitch mcconnell is as tough as they come. he doesn't have to worry about favor with mitch mcconnell but work paul ryan. is he capable of working paul ryan? that's crucial within the republican party. >> thank you, howard. stand by as emotions have been
8:41 am
running high since donald trump declared the winner of the presidential election. mostly peaceful protests erupted in nearly a dozen cities in the country. the images for you, but people trying to deal with what they saw as this divisive campaign season and now there's a call for a healing and joining me now, a man who knows about healing and forgiveness. tdj. senior pastor and host of tdj's show. thank you so much for joining us, pastor. >> thank you for having me, tamron. >> it's been 24 hours, i think, none of us have slept but in reality. how when you're trying to heal and the wounds are so deep, when they deal with sexism, racism, any ism that you can think of was seemingly part of this 20 months of campaigning, are folks supposed to just wake up the next day and yawn it off and erase it or are we more human than that?
8:42 am
>> the idea that the conversations with america today, we need a place to vent, to talk, to hear all sides. we can't go into a forgiveness mode because we have so many questions that have not been answered. what does a trump administration look like? how will it affect us in our various groups of responsibility whether we're minorities or women, what have you. there's so much that has yet to be processed but also realiz tamron, we are also dealing with shock and many, many people are dealing with the grief of an idea of a candidate in america that seems to be passing away and suddenly so without the warning of the press leading us into preparation period that this was going to happen. so there's a certain amount of trauma. >> when we look at scenes playing out, philadelphia, two swastikas spray painted on a building and two other instances, one in durham, north
8:43 am
carolina. we have the images here of black lives don't matter and neither does your vote. we have young people in the streets in new york. i know you saw it in chicago. what advice would you have for those, especially the young who feel helpless? who feel they do not identify with the ways of washington, dc, this notion you can say the most awful thing and then the next day, shake hands in a photo op? their lives don't work like that. >> i think the real problem with black lives don't matter as well as, oddly enough, some of the trump supporters, these pockets of disruption and people feel like their voices are not being heard and that is a reality in this country that is really speaking much more graphically to the fact that we have a dysfunctional political system. not just that we don't need to bring a new person. in the show, i made this statement. america keeps thinking the they hire a new chef, they have a
8:44 am
great dinner. they don't understand it's not just the chef, the oven is broke. we have a system that is dysfunctional that has not heard the needs of average, ordinary people and the disruptions will continue to occur regardless of who is in the white house until congress, senate, all branches of leadership recognize they're there to be a servant for the people and the people are not there to serve their political agendas. >> ebut people have different needs. the needs of someone in the rural part of texas where i'm from versus midtown manhattan, it seems, and i say this, this is why i say this. the headline for right or wrong was the angry white vote. the angry middle class white vote who was felt left behind. guess what? and you know this better than anyone, some kid also felt he was left behind and to validate both of those concerns, maybe it seems a different path at least that's what our elected leaders
8:45 am
believe. >> ooi'm not sure. i think the american people, the middle class, black, white, and brown all feel left behind for different reasons and i think that should be a uniting force and that's what i talked about on my show today. that should be a uniting force. too many people for various reasons in this country whether they're black, whether they're gay, whether they're women, whether in rural areas are not having their voices heard by a government that should represent the people. and i think that is the unifying point where we come into akbree agreeme agreement. >> i want to go to his church. >> that's the place to be or just go to his podcast. >> have salvation in your home, but with that said, howard, a lot of what happened in this election was the blaming of someone else for another person's problem. you have, and whether it was the media's fault or whatever, you lost this job because of this other group of people.
8:46 am
that happened. that is not a fantasy. >> that did happen and i think that donald trump played on that fear to get himself elected. that's not the only reason but a big part of it. >> can he fix that? >> he said, you're failing because of the chinese and the mexicans but you're also failing because we're letting in too many immigrants. and so on, so forth. and he's got to, whether he can try to fix that, i don't know. whether he wants to try and fix it, i don't know. he said he did. he said all the right things on election night and crucial to see each step of the way what kind of signals he sends and having raised hopes of people who voted for him that there are easy fixes to these problems that all it's going to do is mean rejecting nafta or all it's going to take is throwing more undocumented immigrants out of
8:47 am
the country. all it means is going to be x, y, z. simple answers, easy answers he offered. he's got to deliver. the sad part is that i think the pastor is right. the common interest of urban and multicultural americans are close to the same thing but they're divided culturally because political leaders on both sides have pointed fingers at the others and culturally, two countries on one continent and unless somebody can bridge the gap, we're in terrible trouble and paradoxically, needs to do that. >> that's the thing. to your point and what howard is saying, you line up the grievances no matter the gender or the geography and they are similar but it seems in recent time, none of our leaders have
8:48 am
risen to the occasion of recognizing the pain on both sides and saying, you can support police but also be against police brutality in the community. made you believe you have to pick a team on everything and that has played out here but something else you said is we don't all need to agree with each other that we can disagree but it does not have to be dehumanizing. >> that's exactly right. and boils down now to one primary issue. two things i want to say. one is the oldest trick in the world is to teach people to point their fingers at the other person as being the reason for the problem in your life and while, they're distracted from recognizing that with our tax dollars, we have representation not representing us but representing the agendas of other interest groups who help the get them elected. that's one part of the problem. the second thing is i think that those of us who have any media platform at all have a responsibility not to allow the
8:49 am
narrative of one or two individuals to control the conversation with millions of people. that's why i'm using my show to bring all sides together so that we can see that we do have similarities of circumstances and that we are not each other's problems. we are each other's partners. >> do i get to skip church sunday now? >> don't miss it. >> all right, all right. thank you very much and congratulations on the show. all of the great success that continues. thank you so much. let me go to chris jansing. we've got more information on the meeting happening inside the white house. what do you know? >> reporter: it's been going on almost 50 minutes and the pool, those are the photographers allowed in the oval office at the end of the meeting still waiting outside but able to spot activity including the chief of staff here dennis mcdonough now taking a walk with jared kushner, donald trump's son-in-law and we may have a photo we can show you, a still photo. they're working on it. i just sent it to them.
8:50 am
but it's so interesting when you look at the fact that you have someone never in political life before. you realize that many of the people around him have never been in political life either and they they may be asking the same questions of those on the staff as donald trump is asking of barack obama. jarod kushner, someone who's been in business himself, a member of the inner circle, also waiting outside on the south lawn but separate from dennis is dan scavino, someone who's in donald trump's inner circle, someone who does not know the ways of washington or the way this inner circle works. he was a caddie at trump international when donald trump met him, worked his way up through the ladder and now social media director and someone personally close to trump but someone who doesn't
8:51 am
know the way washington works. on so many levels, what's happening now inside that oval office as the meeting goes into 50 minutes is happening outside with a lot of people who are close to donald trump, who are looking for guidance, advice about what happens inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue, tamron. >> great information. thank you. just quickly you called it three seconds ago, jarod kushner. >> son-in-law. >> not everyone likes their son-in-law to work for you. it it means ivanka will be part of it. the trump family has a company to run, the trump organization. i think don and eric will stay with the company, for sure. i don't know about ivanka. i think ivanka would be useful to him politically, inside and outside. so, yes, as i said, i think the campaign people closest to him are still going to be involved.
8:52 am
for how long, we don't know. sessions, as i said, pence, as i said, maybe chris christie but i will detect in-fighting between the pence people and sessions people, they want christie off to the side. you get christie off to the side and you can get in a fight with chris christie right away. christie's relationship with kushner is like lifetime tv. >> so, my sense is he's going to be pushed -- i was told as of a couple hours ago he's more of a figure head, transition chief than a real transition chief. >> mark murphy is standing by. we focus heavily on the president-elect. but president obama, obviously, has things he wants to get done before he leaves office. what's capable, what's probable, what's possible? >> to me what was possible in the lame duck was a situation in which donald trump ended up
8:53 am
losing and losing decisively. if the republicans wanted to do something like pass the transpacific partnership, ttp, trade, legislation, the only motivation, and paul ryan is someone who supports it, mitch mcconnell deep down supports free trade. the only way to get that done is have donald trump lose in a rout and republican party saying, we are the party of free trade. it's time to make a move on that. that's not going to be the case with donald trump in the white house and certainly being president-elect. the other big agenda item on the lame duck was mayor garland being on the supreme court. that's not a likely situation. so, i really don't expect a whole lot from the lame duck other than maybe getting some stuff, if there are some spending issues and whatnot. i actually think the next three months instead of congress preparing for the end of the obama administration, i think the next three months are all going to be about preparing for the arrival of the trump administration. >> there was some conversation, some reporting, that these two
8:54 am
men would possibly discuss what donald trump said would be among his first actions, reversing executive action by president obama, as well as repealing obamacare. any chance that would come up in this short meeting? >> i doubt it comes up in the short meeting. but it is a real -- i mean, these are real efforts and serious challenges that the republicans are going to put on the president's biggest priorities. the one issue is, though, that when republicans say they'll repeal and replace the health care law, they'll end up owning the health care. >> cnbc breaking on social media, trump advisers considering jamie dimon for treasury post. >> well, that would be interesting, wouldn't it? >> what's interesting here are the leaks coming out right now are all in the direction of the establishment. you called about mccall, you
8:55 am
talk about jamie dimon. these are to reassure people that trump is serious. now, who they pick ultimately, i don't know. i think that's absolutely fascinating. if i can say on the executive order thing, when barack obama became president and the republicans made it clear they were going to block him at every turn, that was their strategy, he expanded the use of executive action. democrats applauded the fact that he did this. but having set that precedent and greatly expanded the use of executive authority without congressional approval one way or another, that can come back to bite you. >> which was always the concern. >> it was said at the time. now donald trump, who is nothing if not eager to use executive authority, that's who he is as a person, he knows notng about congress, and he's going to be impatient with congress. he's going to look for every -- he's going to make -- i predict he could make barack obama look wary of executive authority.
8:56 am
that was always the risk. and i think we may have to watch the consequences play out here. >> kelly o'donnell covers capitol hill, standing by with more information. i'm sure you just heard howard's analysis there. >> reporter: it prompted some thoughts. when howard talks about names being floated to reassure, where we are with forming a trump administration be a couple of different things. there's the work happening behind the scenes with a transition team that has like a couple -- about 100 people working for it and has been based here in washington, d.c., the clinton team had one as well. then there's the political world where friends of the trump campaign would obviously be in the conversation. and then there's the strategic floating of names. earlier stephen hadley, former security adviser to president bush was named because, in part, he was in the never trump movement. and is widely respected for his knowledge of the world.
8:57 am
you've got these different ways of trying to float names. some are real, some are not. some are people trying to get a job, some are people trying to bring names into the conversation. my new reporting says donald trump has not been presented with any names for cabinet positions yet. the team has been working to identify three to five potential candidates for each of the cabinet positions. those people on the list have not been contacted to determine if they'd be interested or available or anything like that. that's not how the process would work. once presented to trump he could have interviews with those he would like to speak to and jobs could be offered going forward. everything that's been talked to related to who might be on the list is in that very early stage. i'm told that vice president-elect mike pence, his senior team, they'll be getting access to this new information
8:58 am
as well as the family. the list that's been talked about has been closely held and not even something donald trump has been fully briefed on yet. that's not to say he hasn't had conversations but he's not been briefed with the portfolio of choices he can review and consider as he formulates a new cabinet. >> that would make sense because chris christie said he didn't want to talk about transition for superstitious reasons, at least one report cited. let's go to keir simmons in london with more on the reaction around the world. keir, here in the states we were greatly concerned, and still are the reaction of the markets. yesterday's closing, this morning's opening put aside some fears because of the peaceful transition. what are you hearing there in london? >> reporter: i'm actually right in the center of government in westminster in london, tamron. look, heads are spinning in capitals around the world. let me give you an example. donald trump has now spoken to the prime minister of britain. we think he may not have yet
8:59 am
spoken to the leader of germany, angela merkel. earlier he spoke to the leader of ireland. folks can't figure out if he's just changing the rules or whether he doesn't know what the rules are. and then there are other european leaders, tamron, who are saying, well, we may have to teach him the rules. so, the leader of france saying that europe may have to stand up to a president trump if it is necessary. the leader of germany saying, we share values but they have to be the right values. >> keir simmons, thank you for joining us from london there. thank you, by the way, for joining us for this hour of -- where do i work? of msnbc. i'm tamron hall. we'll be back tomorrow and dial know the call letters. "andrea mitchell reports," she knows the call letters and as solid as they come takes over our coverage. >> thank you, tamron hall. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," face-to-face, this hour the first meeting between president obama and the man who led the birther movement.
9:00 am
they have never met before, president-elect trump. next meeting with paul ryan this hour. can trump get party leaders behind his campaign promises? a nation divide while thousands hit the streets in cities across america last night protesting election results. hillary clinton is urging the country to come together. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington as president obama welcomes his successor. they're meeting right now, president-elect trump. they have a history, not a pretty one. the obamas consider donald trump one of the prime movers to delegitimize the first african-american president when he took office. president obama has issued a stern warning to his administrati administration, to make this transition as smooth and cooperative as president bush's was for the obama team eight years ago.


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